Breaking The game
Acheive your end game equips sooner by returning to farming faster and staying in the game longer. Our bots give you the unfair edge over others.
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The advantage

Personalize Bot Content

Unhappy with bots that tell your which key to use? Well with its YOU who decides which key to use.

Up-to-date content generation

Always updating, always ahead. Our coders are constantly brainstorming of ways to improve our codes to keep YOU ahead.

Lifetime Support

Found any bugs with your bot or want to change some functions of your bot? Skype us anything and our staff will always be there to assist you. – even years after your purchase

Premium gaming bots

Your Long-Term Botting Partners
The most economical and up-to-date ellinia bot release to public.

Our ellinia bots sold are constantly updated to prevent out users from being traced and banned with our countless unique improvement including but not limited to lie detector alert, text macro and even lie detector solver.

These state of the art improvement to our bots ensure that our users stays one step ahead of the community with minimal chance of being caught and reported. Our coders are also constantly searching for new exploits and bugs to add-on to our bot and our users to be always ahead of the pack.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now and be part of the elite.

  • Lie Detector Solver

    The only ellinia bot with lie detector solver

  • Lie detector checker

    Not sold on the idea on lie detector solver? Our bots come with lie detector checker absolutely free of charge!

  • Text macros

    No other bot/trainer in the market have text macros coded for your bot. But we do. Cause we believe in making bots of the highest quality for our users.

  • Acheivement!

    Thinking that botting is only for farming? Well our bots do much more! Even achievements* can be achieved via botting.

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